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Advertising with us means more than just promoting your business; it's about fostering a culture of appreciation that resonates with your customers, making every sponsorship a strategic investment in building deeper meaningful connections.


With thousands active users every month, Bravoboard is a great place to advertise to a wonderful international audience of employers, universities, government bodies and non-profits!


Bravoboard is loved by :

View board 350+ Companies

Including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, Tesla, Target and more

View board 200+ Universities

Including Stanford, MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and others

View board 100+ Govt. Bodies

Including USAID, California Dept of Public Health, National Institute of Mental Health(NIMH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and more..

View board 50+ Non-Profits

Including Saving Innocence, Howard League for Penal Reform, Optum, GlobalGiving, SupportKind, Haven and more...


As a potential sponsor, you hold the key to unlocking an extraordinary opportunity – the chance to introduce your brand to this brilliant audience. With an array of carefully crafted advertising options, we provide a platform where your message will genuinely connect with our audience.




Sponsorship Benefits


Our exclusive benefits include featured high-visibility placements across our platform for enhanced exposure and engagement.


Bravoboard Home
Bravoboard Home (Anonymous Experience)



Home - 1 Highly Visible Above-the-fold Placement

Bravoboard Dashboard
Dashboard (Signed In Experience)



Dashboard - 2 Highly visible Above-the-fold Content Placements

Bravoboard Blog
Blog (Anonymous and Signed In Experience)



Blog - 2 Visible Above-the-fold Placements




Bravoboard played a crucial role in boosting our customer engagement by 20%, surpassing our initial targets.

- James Miller, Sr Manager, Digital Marketing, OptimaSolutions

Sponsorship Packages


Our exclusive packages are priced competitively and designed to elevate your website or business's visibility.


Let's Boost Your Customer Engagement by 20%

One month — $599 $299

(One-Time Fixed Cost)


Elevate your business impact with a 1-month sponsorship on Bravoboard. This package is designed to foster appreciation, deepen connections, and make a strategic investment in audience engagement. Ideal for businesses looking to make a significant impact in a short period or during a drive time.

Three months — $999 $799

(One-Time Fixed Cost)


Unlock the ultimate in Business impact with our 3-month sponsorship package. This premium offering is tailored for businesses aiming to deepen connections, foster appreciation, and significantly enhance audience engagement. Perfect for those looking to make a lasting impression and build long-term relationships with their audience.


We offer the flexibility to tailor our sponsorship packages to align with your specific needs and goals.

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