Happy Birthday, buddy! hope you have a great day with lots of fun!

From Mr Green

It's your birthday, Yay! Let's celebrate!!

From Elmo

Congratulations!! Enjoy your day!

From Yellow Man

Hope you have lots of fun and eat lots of cake!!

From Cake Cat

Finally, let's go partaay!!

From Party Cat

Happy Birthday Friend! Enjoy your day.

From Minion 290

Bravoboard Boards your friends will love!
Bravo Board is a beautiful, simple, collaborative place for all your kudos and gratitude!
Give your loved ones a gift of Bravo Board to cherish these memories forever.

Unlimited Messages and posts

Add your own messages and use our intuitive search to pick GIFs powered by GIPHY.

Invite contributors easily through a link

Users can share the unique link to invite others to contribute to the bravoboard.

User created bravoboards aren't deleted, until deleted explicitly by the creator.

Deliver Online Easily

Bravooards can be sent to recipients online easily

Bravoboard can be scheduled to be delivered at the desired time. Notifications are sent to both the board creator and recipient upon board delivery

Privacy Features

Multiple secure authentication options available including social sign-in and magic links

User created Bravoboards aren't indexed on search engines. Only folks who have a link to the board are able to post to the board.

Users can lock, archive and delete their bravoboard to prevent abuse or misuse. Board creators can remove any posts on the board.

No need to remember usernames or passwords

Bravoboard Samples
Bravoboard Samples

View these sample bravoboards and get inspired


View board View board


View board View board


View board View board

Get Well Soon

View board View board


View board View board

Happy Holidays

View board View board

Demo Board Live Demo

Simple Pricing Simple Flexible Pricing

Enjoy access to all features, unlimited posts and users per board

50 posts free 😍
Unlimited Posts
$2.99   $1/Board
Limited time!
Unlimited Boards - Monthly
Pays for itself in just 2 boards
Unlimited Boards - Yearly
$ 39.99 /Year
5 Months Free (Save $32 / Year)
All Plans Include
Access to all features
Unlimited contributions
Online Delivery
Accessible forever
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a charge for boards with unlimited posts?

Building great tools takes time and resources. Bravoboard Team is committed to delivering an effective tool wrapped in a best-in-class user experience. By choosing an unlimited plan, you will help us reach this vision.

Can I access and modify my board after it's been published?

Yes, you'll be able to modify, change recipient, archive, delete, schedule or unschedule board for delivery anytime.

Is my board private?

Your Bravo boards can be accessed only with the unique board link. The link not indexed on any search engine and is meant for you to share with contributors. You have the ability to archive or lock your board at any time to prevent any further posts.

Do you sell or share my information?

No, we do not and will never share any information on you or contributors with any 3rd parties. We respect your privacy.

Do contributors have to signup to post to a Bravoboard?

Contributors can post anonymously or chose to identify themselves by disclosing their name while posting. If you're signed-in, we will not auto-populate your name on a post to allow your privacy.

Can I update the schedule after I've scheduled my Bravo Board for delivery?

Yes, you can always remove an existing schedule and reschedule your board for delivery.

How long will my Bravo boards last?

As long as Bravoboard exists, your boards will be accessible! Unless you choose to delete it, of course. We recommend archiving over deleting.

How do billing and cancellation work with the Unlimited subscriptions?

Unlimited subscriptions are automatically renewed monthly or annually depending on your plan. You can cancel your Unlimited subscription whenever you like.

Can I cancel or upgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can manage your subscription online entirely. You may cancel your monthly subscription, start the yearly and vice versa at any time

What's a magic-link (for email sign-in)?

Magic links don’t require you to remember anything at all. Just type in your email address, get a link emailed to you, click on it, and voilà: you’re in. It’s a frictionless, almost magical login process At Bravo boards, we we provide multiple ways to securely access your account. Our social providers are most trusted authentication providers.

Is there a limit on unlimited boards or posts?

No, there isn't one defined. You can add unlimited posts and invite any number of contributors!!

I have more questions

Absolutely! please drop us a line on and we'll respond promptly. We read every email!

What happens to my unpaid boards once I subscribe to an unlimited plan?

All existing unpaid boards will convert to active once you've upgraded to an unlimited subscription. Note that after your subscription expires, newly created boards will need to be activated. Existing boards will remain active.

Do the different logins methods map to a single user or is a new account created for each?

Yes, the platform automatically stitches all login methods with a unique email address. Therefore, we recommend you use the social accounts that map to one email address to seamlessly login via any available method (email or social) to your account.

More than 200,000 bravo messages delivered!