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Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos): A Celebration of Life and Death

Written by Bravoboard Community • Last Updated: Oct. 23, 2023


The Day of the Dead, also known as Dia de los Muertos, is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the lives of the deceased. It's a vibrant and colorful festival that takes place on November 1st and 2nd, with the main celebration on November 2nd. This post will provide an overview of the holiday, some fun facts, wishes to add on a card, ideas to celebrate in the office, famous quotes, and a closing thought.


The Day of the Dead is a celebration of life and death, a time to remember and honor the deceased. It's a time to show love and respect for the dead, and to celebrate the continuity of life. The holiday is marked by the creation of altars, or ofrendas, in honor of the deceased. These altars are filled with the favorite foods, drinks, and personal items of the deceased, and are often decorated with sugar skulls and marigolds


Fun Facts


  • The tradition of sugar skulls dates back to the Aztecs, who used them to represent the sun. The skulls are made from sugar and are often decorated with a small cross or other symbols

  • The marigold, or tagetes, is a symbol of the Day of the Dead. It's believed that the flowers bloom in the underworld, and are used to guide the souls of the deceased back to their homes

  • The Day of the Dead is not just a Mexican holiday, but also a celebration in other parts of Latin America, including Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica


Wishes to Add on a Card


  • When sending a card for the Day of the Dead, consider adding a wish such as "Que tus recuerdos sigan viviendo" (May your memories continue to live) or "Que tus sueños se hagan realidad" (May your dreams come true). These wishes are not only appropriate for the holiday, but also for any occasion.
  • "May your spirit always be near"
  • "May your memories continue to inspire"
  • "May your loved ones find peace"
  • "May your dreams be as bright as the marigolds"
  • "May your legacy live on in our hearts"


Celebrate At Work


there are several ways to celebrate the Day of the Dead. You could create a virtual altar, decorate the office with sugar skulls and marigolds, or organize a lunch where everyone shares a favorite dish from their culture. You could also watch a movie about the holiday, or read a book about Mexican culture


The Day of the Dead is a beautiful celebration of life and death, a time to honor the deceased and to celebrate the continuity of life. Whether you're in Mexico or anywhere else in the world, this holiday is a reminder that life is precious and that we should cherish every moment we have

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